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IBC Spill Pallet Bunds

IBC bunded spill pallet stands are designed to be placed under an IBC (intermediate bulk container) to prevent chemical leaks or spillages contaminating surrounding areas. Should an IBC fail they safely capture a minimum of 1100 Litres of liquids ensuring you comply with UK and EU health and safety storage regulations in the workplace. Any IBC containing any liquid other than water must be stored in a bunded area or sit on a dedicated bund stand. 
All are UK manufactured in single or double IBC bund configurations from robust 100% polyethylene or galvanised steel ensuring broadband chemical compatibility for the safe storage, and spill spread prevention, of chemicals, oil, and liquids. 
Bunds with mesh grid decks ensure compatibility with all pallet base types, including metal and combie, and ease centralising an IBC on the stand. 

IBCSP Single IBC Spill Pallet Bund 1260L Sump

£487.95 (Ex. VAT)
£585.54 (Inc. VAT)

IBCSP Jumbo single bunded IBC spill containment pallet storage stand with 1260 Litre sump and free delivery. This single IBC spill pallet bund is manufactured from chemical and UV resistant polymer plastic and fully compliant with the UK 110% sump...

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