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Novelty Litter Bins

Our colourful novelty character based litter bins brighten up any public or children’s space to promote responsible litter and waste management. 
Many of them also include WRAP waste stream labels for recycling at point of use. Place a number of them together to provide you with a fun full waste recycling solution. 
As you can image these novelty litter bins are extremely popular in schools, sports leisure centres, theme parks and visitor attraction centres. 
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Monster Buddy School Litter Bin 100 Litre

£198.95 (Ex. VAT)
£238.74 (Inc. VAT)

Meet Mollie (violet pink) and Mikey (dark aqua) the brightly coloured smiley faced monster novelty waste litter bins.Children will love these cute characters in school playgrounds, nurseries, yards and canteens. They're also suitable for locations such...

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Mini Animal Buddy School Litter Bin 60 Litre

£161.95 (Ex. VAT)
£194.34 (Inc. VAT)

Mini buddy (pig, cow, frog or ladybird) 60 litre novelty litter bin with free delivery suitable for indoor or outdoor use in schools and nurseries etc.These fun animal novelty litter bins are colour coded with additional spots in character with the...

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Hippo Buddy School Litter Bin 70 Litre

£343.95 (Ex. VAT)
£412.74 (Inc. VAT)

Hippo character shaped 70 Litre novelty litter bin with free delivery. Meet Henry (blue), Henrietta (pink), Harriett (orange) and Hugo (green) the brightly coloured fun smiley faced hippo novelty waste litter bins.Just pick your favourite...

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