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GS6 Goalpost Barriers

GS6 Guardian Goalpost highway and construction site height restriction barriers are used to safely warn workers and drivers of, and prevent contact with, tall overhead obstacles, electrical power lines, live cables, and structures. 
These lightweight barrier systems ensure full HSE GS6 compliance and are required by law on most constructions sites to bridge areas where overhead live cables and or obstacles are present. 
GS6 poles (or posts) and crossbars are UK manufactured from the highest quality lightweight fibreglass with anti-pinch locking heavy duty clasps, non-conductive and insulated up to 75kv. 
Full GS6 kits include two adjustable telescopic poles, two metal or water filled metroblock bases and 25 metres of reflective bunting or a telescopic crossbar along the top which is fast becoming the preferred industry standard.
All items are also available as replacement parts and a
s standard poles are red and white however blue and white are available for work within the rail industry. 
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HSE GS6 guidance for avoiding danger from overhead power lines.