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Melba Swintex


£21.36 (Ex. VAT)
£25.63 (Inc. VAT)

Hangman sign. Keep left / right (reversible arrow) 750mm CircleThis fast deployable all plastic sign is designed to place on to a traffic cone saving space and weight.This is only a small selection,...

Out of stock

Falcon Open Top Litter Bin 90 Litre

£188.95 (Ex. VAT)
£226.74 (Inc. VAT)

The Falcon is a 90 Litre open top is a floor mounted outdoor litter bin suppled with free delivery.  To ensure a long life it all the benefits of premium grade UV stabilised plastic providing a...

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2 meter steel litter bin post

£115.00 (Ex. VAT)
£138.00 (Inc. VAT)

This 2 meter steel post allows you to mount Melba Swintex waste litter bins on a pole off the ground in open areas.An earth anchor ground fixing plate is also included as well as a top end cap...

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Kerb access ramp x 2

£67.95 (Ex. VAT)
£81.54 (Inc. VAT)

This pair of kerb access ramps provide an easy means to avoid curbs with free delivery.Tough and durable for a range of vehicles and also suitable for roadwork use and wheelchairs.Manufactured in...

Out of stock

Yellow hose & cable cover access ramps

£67.62 (Ex. VAT)
£81.14 (Inc. VAT)

Buy Melba Swintex yellow cover ramps to fit over large cables, hoses and pipes & supplied in a single black colour however we also have yellow available.OVERVIEW The hose cover is the largest Melba...

Out of stock

Flexi cylinder 1 Meter

£15.95 (Ex. VAT)
£19.14 (Inc. VAT)

Buy Melba Swintex 1 meter tall Flexi self righting cylinder post bollards.These are a lower stock item.Please contact for a full quote including ground bases.OVERVIEWThe Melba Swintex Flexi is a...

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