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200 Litre Fork Lift Mortar Tub

£124.95 (Ex. VAT)
£149.94 (Inc. VAT)

Durable 200 Litre ROTA-TUB forklift mortar tub with strong twin skin moulded feet and free delivery.A cost effective & safe solution to move heavy loads securely around building construction...

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20" rubbish chute top hopper

£51.95 (Ex. VAT)
£62.34 (Inc. VAT)

Buy Oaklands 500mm / 20" rubbish chute top hoppers to create a versatile chute system of unlimited length with Y, mid sections and side hoppers. Not currently available to buy online.Please contact...

Out of stock

20" Rubble Chute Y Section

£76.59 (Ex. VAT)
£91.91 (Inc. VAT)

500mm / 20" builders rubbish and rubble chute Y section to join together two chute systems into one exit point. The 20" rubble chute Y section is fully compatible with our 20" rubble chute...

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Large Rota Block Water Filled Barrier

£63.95 (Ex. VAT)
£76.74 (Inc. VAT)

Large Rota Block 313 Litre 333kg water filled heavy duty ballast support for temporary heras fence and metal hoarding security panels. The large Rota Block is specifically designed to safely...

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Post And Plank Panel For EVO 1/1.5M Barrier

£21.95 (Ex. VAT)
£26.34 (Inc. VAT)

Buy post and plank panel sections for Oaklands EVO 1 and 1.5M road barriers.Optional red and white reflective strips. Posts are 1m tall.Planks are 1.5m wide.Please contact for a full quote...

EVO 1M barrier reflective plank panel

£15.00 (Ex. VAT)
£18.00 (Inc. VAT)

Buy post and reflective plank panel sections for Oaklands EVO 1M road barriers.Planks can be doubled up 2 per post if required.Posts are 1m tall.Planks are 1m wide.Please contact for a full quote.

Out of stock

250 Litre Eco Fork Lift Mortar Tub

£125.95 (Ex. VAT)
£151.14 (Inc. VAT)

Strong 250 Litre Eco forklift mortar tub with safe moulded feet and free delivery. This is our best selling ROTA-TUB forklift tub and probably the UK's best value.A cost effective solution to...

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