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Drip Spill Trays

Drip spill trays are ideal for catching minor leaks and spills in the work place and are great for storing smaller drums and containers. Compact and lightweight they can fit into small areas and are easy to clean.
Being made from the same robust polyethylene plastic as are larger bunds they therefore have the same broadband chemcial compatibility with most liquids.  

60 Litre Low Profile Drip Spill Tray TTL

£64.95 (Ex. VAT)
£77.94 (Inc. VAT)

The TTL is a 60 Litre low profile drip spill containment tray which is ideal for areas where there's little to no clearance of an underside of a machine or where containers are to be kept at floor level. Manufactured from medium density recycled...

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63 Litre Drip Spill Tray ST60

£52.95 (Ex. VAT)
£63.54 (Inc. VAT)

The ST60 is a robust drip spill tray with 63 Litre capacity sump which is ideal for the good “housekeeping” of small containers, ensuring drips and spills are contained. Manufactured from medium density polyethylene with a 3 year...

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64 Litre General Use Drip Spill Tray TT64

£32.95 (Ex. VAT)
£39.54 (Inc. VAT)

The TT64 is a low profile drip spill containment tray with 64 Litre sump and ideal for storing small containers at dosing points or in maintenance areas. The 2 removeable grids in the base help keep containers out of any spilt liquids. This...

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8 Litre Low Profile Drip Spill Tray TTXS

£23.95 (Ex. VAT)
£28.74 (Inc. VAT)

The TTXS is a low profile drip spill tray with 8 Litre sump capacity and broad chemical compatibility. With being compact this is an ideal drip tray for general house keeping spill control and to catch drips and leaks from underside machinery, plant...

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